martedì 10 aprile 2012

Deejay parade 2012

Appena ho sentito per radio che era uscita...DOVEVO che ho tt le cassette d deejay parade..alcune originali alcune no..poi sono venuti i che ero una ADC amica della cassettina, che emozione quando l ho ascoltato!!!! sarebbe bello un cofanetto con tt i cd con tutte le deejay parade...secondo me andrebbe a ruba!!!

CD 1 01. TECHNOTRONIC “Pump Up The Jam”
02. CE CE PENISTON “Finally”
03. CLIVILLES & COLE “A Deeper Love”
04. CRYSTAL WATERS “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)”
05. DEEPSWING “In The Music”
06. DE'LACY “Hideaway” deep dish radio edit
07. EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL “Missing” todd terry club mix
08. FELIX “Don't You Want Me”
10. KYLIE MINOGUE “Can’t Get Out Of My Head”
11. MARVIN GARDENS “My Body & Soul”
12. MARTIN SOLVEIG “Everybody”
13. WAMDUE PROJECT “King Of My Castle”
14. THE OUTHERE BROTHERS “Pass The Toilet Paper”
15. PAUL JOHNSON “Get Get Down”
16. PRAISE CATS feat. ANDREA LOVE “Shined On Me”
17. ROBERT MILES “Children”
18. UNDERWORLD “Born Slippy”

CD 2
01. THE TAMPERER feat. MAYA “Feel It”
02. U.S.U.R.A. “Open Your Mind”
03. VASCO ROSSI “Delusa” mode mix remixed by u.s.u.r.a.
04. DATURA “Yerba Del Diablo Part III Yaqui”
05. BENNY BENASSI presents “THE BIZ” “Satisfaction”
06 PARAJE “Animalaction”
07. MO-DO “Eins Zwei Polizei”
08. PREZIOSO feat. MARVIN “Tell Me Why”
09. LA BOUCHE “Sweet Dreams”
10. HADDAWAY “What Is Love”
11. NEJA “Restless”
12. GIGI D’AGOSTINO “L’Amour Toujours”
13. GURU JOSH “Infinity”
14. ICE MC “It’s A Rainy Day”
15. ALCAZAR “Crying At The Discoteque”
16. BLOODHOUND GANG “The Bad Touch”
17. CORONA “The Rhythm Of The Night”
18. EIFFEL 65 “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”

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